johnbrooks-inhisstudio John Brooks Self Portrait

John Brooks attended Sheffield Poly School of Art and Design (1972-1973), Stourbridge College of Art (1973-1976) and Birmingham University (1977-1978).

Upon graduating he taught Art at a number of high schools and colleges in the United Kingdom.
John’s teaching career spanned three decades, then in 2005 he decided it was time to devote the majority of his time to his own art.
John was brought up in the 70’s  on a diet of Minimalism and Colour Field painting,
so it comes as no surprise that colour and texture are a big feature in his work.

John is inspired by life forms of the Ocean. The often powerful, beautiful and frightening emotions that emanate from the mysterious oceans are what instigate a lot of his early works.

It is John’s use of colour and texture that makes the observer want to touch and become involved in his pieces.
The dynamism of the drawing, the flowing shapes, the colour,the texture all reflect the inner emotions that the Ocean can command of us all.
John’s more recent work with the human form has sparked a lot of interest internationally, selling in Italy, France, Portugal, Ireland and Denmark.
His portraits in oils and also some figure work employ his almost manic applications, removal and reapplication techniques.